Forever and Ever Dior Christian Dior

I really tried to like this one. I  bought Forever and Ever at a duty-free store (around 2009) after over-sniffing tester frags, thus exhausting my nose because once I got it home, I couldn’t stand it. I kept the bottle several  years, revisiting every so often to see if it would grow on me, or that I’d like it better in a different season, but sadly no.

The projection and longevity are outstanding and really seemed to last forever and ever, but unfortunately to me it’s incredibly cloying and makes me nauseated. And to be frank, reminds me of a cheap drugstore floral bathroom air freshener. You know, the aerosol can printed with pink potpourri? Yeah that one! 


After several years (almost 5) and going through a quarter of the bottle I gave up trying and gave it away last year (2014).


Season: Spring/Summer 

Top notes: Freesia, Jasmine, Ivy

Heart notes: Almond Blossom, Rose Hip, Geranium 

Base notes: Musk, Vanilla, Amber

Forever and Ever has been discontinued but may be found on Amazon or Ebay


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