Iris Poudre Frederic Malle


My dearest Iris Poudre, where do I even begin describing my affection for you? You have captivated me! I am enchanted and spellbound by you. So velvety, creamy and subtly sweet. I am completely head over heels madly in love and would proudly shout it from the rooftops.

This is a masterpiece creation and I would embrace Pierre Bourdon and cry tears of joy on his shoulder and kiss his forehead
given the chance.

Delicate iris, gracefully balanced over vanilla, sandlewood, and musk with a soft undertone of powder. This is elegant, timeless class in a bottle worthy of giving Chanel No 5 a good run for her money. I’m deeply afraid of what Estee Lauder is going to do to you!

The funny thing is, this infatuation surely  did NOT start out this way. Quite the opposite actually!

My perfumista friend and also sort of a fragrance mentor introduced me to this, giving me the last few spritz of a 50ml bottle she had replaced. I took it home, sprayed it once in the air and was so overtaken by the immediate sharpness and aldehydes that I put it on a shelf out of sight and backed away as fast as I could. What the heck was my friend thinking!?!?

Then a couple of weeks later as I was dusting I brought it out again and decided to give it a real chance. My friend, after all, knows a lot more than I.  So I sprayed my wrist, reminded myself to be patient and the rest is history. I was hooked and had a passionate affair with those remaining precious drops of heaven on Earth and immediately went and bought the big bottle. And I’m planning on buying backups asap before EL can adulterate it.

Finally, I can’t finish this review without putting in my 2 cents about Ferré because I bought it along with a backup as well. They really ARE similar.  Ferré is of inferior quality, clearly, with a price that reflects just that. But it does have the IP vibe as they are both Bourdon creations. I like using Ferré in the day, more casually, as a reminder of my precious Poudre but without the guilt of feeling frivolous for wearing it while washing the dishes. It’s a lighter version with a slightly different personality, but if you don’t have the budget for a Fredric Malle, then Ferré will still deliver a cliff notes experience 💋 

 Season: All

Top notes: Aldehydes, Jasmine 

Heart notes: Iris, Vanilla, Rose

Base notes: Vetiver, Sandlewood

Purchase Iris Poudre Here


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