Olafactory Memories


“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it”   -Vladimir Nabokov

It’s pretty common knowledge that our sense of smell, which I think is somewhat neglected in our day to day lives, is highly linked to not only taste but also to our memories.

Catching a waft of pumpkin spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon reminds us of the holidays.  Coconut takes us straight to the beach with warm memories of summer breaks, sweaty suntan lotion, and frozen pina coladas. Wood fire burning recalls outdoor camping trips and roasting marshmallows on a stick or cuddling up on a cold night with a hot cocoa in front of a fire place.

With that knowledge of how much of an impact scent plays on our memories, I’m surprised more people don’t indulge themselves beyond the typical ‘signature scent’. I mean, when you go on a vacation you take pictures for visual reference, right?  Why not use a certain fragrance on that same vacation so when it’s over, that frag will bring back memories of that trip? Heck, while you’re at it, why not engage all your senses: put on that souvenir tee shirt, give yourself a good spritzing, make yourself a cocktail, and have fun while looking through the vacation photo album!  Just a thought. 🙂

It seems as though we really take advantage of our other senses more so than our sense of smell. While we give great importance into how things look, like ourselves, our clothing, our house, our vehicle, etc., we tend to not give much thought to smells, unless they are really good or really bad.

But I personally like to take olafactory abilities to the next level and use them to create and enhance memories.  When I went to Playa del Carmen with my hubby last summer, I bought a bottle of Seajewels New Star at the resorts onsite dress shop and wore it the whole time we were there. And to this day, anytime I spray it on or smell it, I’m taken back to that trip and swimming in the blue green water, playing in the sun, and drinking their famous Miami Vices on the beach again!

Buying a new perfume is something I try to do any trip I go on. It’s a really fun way to add to my collection and I have a story behind every bottle. Plus that fragrance will permanently evoke memories associated with the events surrounding it’s acquisition.  It’s not limited to just buying perfumes on vacation either but that’s one example. There are many ways to pupurposefully use the sense of smell to enhance memories, but perfumes give us easy access to a very wide array of different smells. With every spritz you can evoke an emotion,  relive an adventure or remember an experience you had or even use fragrances to create a memory of yourself for your friends and loved ones ❤


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