Boxes: To Save or Not to Save?


To save the box or not to save the box.?.? That is the question!!! (And yes it’s a ‘thing’)

And the answer is: it really just depends!

While I am definitely NOT a hoarder,  I admit, I have started saving the boxes.  I didn’t always. But then again, I wasn’t buying niche perfumes either!

While most mass produced frags are usually easily replaced, niches are less so. They are more costly and scarce . But since they are usually more concentrated you (theoretically) use less and they tend to last longer.  So it makes sense in order to protect your ‘investment’, you must protect the merchandise, which is why it is important that they are stored in a cool dark spot. The box only helps so much if it’s in the heat. But I digress…

Personally, I have my frag collection, and within it certain staples. For example, I go through J’adore like water since it’s my go-to frag. I’ve gone through 6 or 7 bottles in the last 2 years! I’m NOT saving all of those boxes! Lol Maybe one of them, but I run through it so quickly it doesn’t have time to spoil and quite frankly would be rediculous to save them.

On the other hand, my Guerlain Moscow has been discontinued and I only wear it on special occasions, so of course I kept the box.

 I definitely save the boxes on all of my higher end frags and anything I buy to add to my collection. Like recently I bought ExClaMation by Coty. Sure it’s a cheapie and I don’t wear it often but it IS an iconic 80s frag and brings me many memories of days gone by, so I saved the box. 

Ideally, frags should be stored in their box in a cool dark spot. But then you lose the joy of admiring your perfume shrine. Plus the boxes start stacking up and finding space for them. Pain!

The good news is that most of the boxes easily break down, and so can be stored all together in one box or depending on the size of your collection. I say if you don’t have the space then what the heck are you collecting for anyways?  ;-p

I have found a happy medium for myself I think. By placing a small and narrow shelf unit in the back of my closet, I can still enjoy a display of my bottles but with minimal light exposure and a consistent temperature.  I break down the boxes that can be and store them in a few shoe boxes stacked at the bottom.

It’s helpful too, if you ever decide to sell or swap as some won’t touch a frag without a box (and especially the cap). It reassures its authenticity and ensures you can get the price value for what you have (most important when dealing with vintages).

So in conclusion, although it is a matter of personal preference and I am in no way telling you how you should live your life, it will help if you decide what your intentions are for the frag then you will know what to do with the box. Just remember you can ALWAYS decide to throw the box away at any point, but you can’t get it back once you’ve tossed it!  😉


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