Bottle Lust



Now I know everyone has different experiences when it comes to fragrances themselves but everyone has experienced wanting something, especially something they know they can’t have.  And that makes it even MORE desirable.  With perfumes I call this sentiment bottle lust.


Bottle lust can occur on different levels too. Let’s say you’ve been lusting after a Guerlain bee bottle of something and you finally got it. You’ve conquered and now you are satisfied! You admire your new bottle every time you spritz it on.  That is until you find out about the collector edition bottle with the gold chain with jewel pendants instead of the plain old little suede tie. Or you bought the EdT then realize the EdP or parfum was the better option so now you must have them all to compare! Or you fell in love with a classic then learned of different, earlier formulations, so now you must seek out and find that vintage, hopefully within your budget, so you can see for yourself.

The bigger your want list, the worse it gets too! Once you buy that bottle, there is always another one just waiting for your love and admiration.  It’s almost as bad as the teenage boy in school perceiving  certain girls as the ultimate conquest.  You may not go directly for the Clive Christian No 1, but you’re definitely working your way up to it!


This is the addiction of collecting frags! Those pleasure receptors exploding in your brain once you walk out of the store with that new little box containing the precious elixir you’ve been dreaming of and now can claim as your own.

Luckily, it’s not a life threatening addiction, but it CAN play hell on your pocketbook or put you in debt if you go crazy with a credit card and get carried away. That’s why I budget my purchases and stick to it.

There will NEVER be an end to this wanting! Admit it!  These companies know this too and will forever be creating, recreating, and marketing to your lustful ways. But don’t lose your head!


Part of the fun of collecting,  just as the teenage boys conquest of their infatuation, is the thrill of the chase. As in economics with the law of diminishing returns,  the thought of getting my entire want list at once seems to diminish the pleasure.  So I realize there’s no hurry here. 

Building a meaningful wardrobe takes a lot of time!*  You might try a hundred different fragrances before you find that one that brings out an emotion from within you, like beautiful music sometimes does. There’s nothing wrong with romancing that tester bottle at the local boutique before you commit, either.  It’s all part of the thrill and joys of perfumistahood. 😍

*Always store your frags properly in a cool dark spot to ensure they survive the years.  😘


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I just love perfumes 😍

2 thoughts on “Bottle Lust”

  1. Hello Lori Thank you for liking my article Tired of Living In Fear. Your blog is informative, well written and witty and I enjoyed reading Bottle Lust. Which sparked a memory of when I used to work in an auto parts factory on a dip tank filled with black paint thinned with alcohol. There was one particular woman who wore an expensive perfume whose scent would linger in the air for a couple of minutes after she passed by while I was working. Let me assure you her perfume smelled a lot better than that dip tank. With the right scent a woman who has cultivated her “inner beauty” and who knows how to smile can quite literally “LIGHT UP” a room far better than any scented candle on the market today.


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