Lipstick Rose Frederic Malle

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    I purchased this in the 100ml from Barneys after pining for it over a year. I just love how soft and delicate it is. So prim and feminine. The name is very suiting and definitely gives me a reminder of vintage lipsticks. I’ve read other reviews accusing it of smelling like an old ladys makeup bag but I don’t get that impression at all.

   As a kid I would play in both mom and grandmother’s makeup bags (of course when they weren’t looking lol) so I am, oh so familiar with that smell- the conglomeration of various powders from crumbled compacts and broken blushes, combined with expired lipsticks gone sour and various spilled perfumes- this frag never EVER took me there, thank God!!

    The opening is very light and powdery then gradually sweetens up but never becomes cloying, not even close. It lasts a really long time too, becoming a nice sweet skin scent, still present, at the 12 hour mark. 

    The rose is a waxy smelling rose, but not so synthetic to be off putting and the violet backs it up, giving it a soft powderyness that is delicately supported by the vetiver and musk. The whole composition is very slightly sweetened by the amber, grapefruit, and vanilla.

    The sillage isn’t major and with it being such a soft scent I could imagine one over spraying halfway through the bottle to compensate getting desensitized to such a delicate smell. Which is why I will only use this one occassionally. I love it so much I never want to take it for granted! ❤💄🌹
Season: All

Notes: Rose, Violet, Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver, Amber, Grapefruit 

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