Intoxicated By Kilian


This is a very centered unisex fragrance, leaning toward neither the feminine nor masculine side.  The juice is very high quality with decent sillage and good longetivity.

Its opening is immediately very sharp and highly alcoholic, so much so that it burns my nose, but thankfully the alcohol dissapates quickly. The aroma of coffee then begins to take over for a few minutes and completely dominates as the top dries down.

Finally, as things begin to settle down after a few minutes and the coffee releases it’s grip a little, the other notes begin to show their heads and the scent becomes much more pleasant.

This ISN’T an intoxicating smell to me at all though. Quite the opposite actually. Seriously, who on earth drinks coffee to get Intoxicated? Who ever it was that named this juice was WAY off lol.  Coffee is supposed to SOBER you up. This juice should have been called “Sobriety” haha.

It’s not a terrible frag, in fact it DOES actually smell good, but I don’t want to all day smell like I spilled coffee on my lap on the way to work. 

This really isn’t my style at all so I shall pass on getting a full bottle but I will keep this one in mind as a possible gift for my coffee fanatic friends. ☺

Season: Winter/Fall

Notes: Cardamon, Coffee, Nutmeg, Cinnamon 


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I just love perfumes 😍

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