Light my Fire By Kilian


This unisex fragrance By Kilian opens strongly masculine, a little green, with tobacco and cumin dominating then transforms into a more feminine and powdery scent with the honey, vanilla, and patchouli taking over the reins after dry down, which by this time, is quite intoxicating. I also catch a leathery note in the heart.

Compared to other Kilians I’ve tried, this one seems a bit weaker, less sillage,  overall not quite as potent. But even still, I think it’s the most enjoyable from the Addicted State of Mind collection. The high quality is very obvious. It makes its statement in a very subtle manner. It’s old school classy with a slightly highbrow sophistication.

On the masculine side, it makes me want to put on a smoking jacket, grab a cigar, settle into a vintage wing back chair with nail head trim, and grab a leatherbound book in the study of my (imaginary) château while sipping fine cognac next to a wood burning fireplace.

On the feminine side, I think of a wool peacoat, walking along a snowy sidewalk window shopping for holiday presents. It’s very mature, classy, with intelligence and is very clearly a cold weather fragrance that is going to the top of my want list this fall. Love it! ❤

Season: Fall/Winter

Notes: Cumin, Hay, Patchouli, Vetiver, Honey, Vanilla, Tobacco 


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