Mon Precieux Nectar Guerlain


There’s quite a few mixed reviews on this fragrance but I really love it! My Precious Nectar was my second ever frag from the house of Guerlain and my first bee bottle and it truly is precious.
My initial impression was of creamy vanilla and muted jasmine with a hint of green florals immediately followed by almonds and fragrant orange blossoms. This sweet composition never becomes cloying on me and is very consistent. The sillage is there but gentle and it lasts all day.

I don’t experience this as a sultry provacative scent but more innocent. It’s very angelic and clean, pure, chaste – virginal. I picture a young bride wearing this on her wedding day.

The general consensus on Fragrantica seems to put this in the cold weather category but I find it works well year round.  Even though it’s sweet, it’s not so much so that warm weather makes it cloying. It doesn’t even seem to become cloying when over applied. 

The bottle came with the atomizer bulb attachment but I only used it once or twice then returned it to the box.  I feel like it wastes the juice and gives it unnecessary exposure to air and I want it to last so now I just dab it. But there IS something very feminine and classy about spritzing with a bulb, I admit. 😊

Although this is a sweet frag, it’s a very tamed sweet. It reminds me of picking honeysuckle flowers off the vine in my back yard as a kid and pulling out the sweet honey nectar from the little tubes. Sweet, innocent, and just beautiful. One of my favorites! ❤
 Season: All

Top notes: Petitgrain, bitter almond

Heart notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom

Base notes: Sandlewood, Guaiac Wood, Incense, Vanilla, White Musk


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