Santal Carmin Atelier Cologne

I was captivated by this fragrance from the first moment I smelled it. During my introduction to Atelier Cologne at Neiman Marcus today, I sampled several in the collection and just couldn’t stop myself from repeatedly coming back to this one for another sniff. It’s absolutely intoxicating!

I immediately bought the 200ml even though experience HAS taught me to be more patient and get a tester first before committing but this one was love at first smell.  It comes with a 1oz leather pouched travel bottle as well and I LOVE getting little extra perks, but who doesn’t, really.

It opens a little sharp with juicy ripe limes and bergamot. Then turns spicy sweet as the saffron begins to develop followed by a creamy sweet woody vanilla warmed by a somewhat muted sandlewood . This is a very unisex frag but is a bit feminine towards the dry down.

The bottle, though metallic gold, is a little bland in my opinion but the juice is high quality and has great lasting power. The sillage is soft to moderate depending on how much you apply but this is a somewhat potent frag so no need to over spray or it could end up ‘in your face’ and not as pleasant.

The final notes become a bit powdery and the cedar really dominates but is kept in check by the vanilla. I just love this and even now can’t stop sniffing my wrists.  I normally wouldn’t even have been drawn to try this, to be honest,  based on the name and bottle appearing, to me, to be a mens line and somewhat boring at that, but that’s why they say never judge a book by its cover. Or in this case never judge a fragrance by its bottle, because I am so glad I discovered it (with some help of course) 😀

Season: Fall/Winter

Top notes: Lime, Bergamot, Saffron

Heart notes: Sandlewood, Guaiac Wood, White Musk

Base notes: Papyrus, Texas Cedar, Madagascar Vanilla

Purchase Santal Carmin Here


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