Oud and Roses

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As usual, I’m late to the party and last on the bandwagon. I start watching TV shows 10 years after they’ve been cancelled. I’m at least a season behind the fashion trends, if not completely in my own time zone. And I’m just now beginning to explore the whole,  ‘Rose and Oud’ phenomenon. 

Coming from a history of soapy florals  and fruity gourmands, anything woody or spicy, 5 years ago, was a no go. Oud was a deal breaker and reminded me of body odor. It’s was dirty, earthy, musty. I didn’t like it.  But as a young adult develops a taste for alcoholic beverages, or the wine lover who finally starts to venture outside pinot noirs,  I’m really beginning to ‘get’ this whole oud ‘thing’.  I’ve had a eureka moment.  And I liked it. 🙂

Of course I’ve only sampled a handful of different houses version of the combo thus far, but I’ve yet to find one I flat out dislike.  Like enjoying coffee several different ways, I’m enjoying the different approaches and my ‘to try’ list is growing exponentially.  My sampled list so far consists of:

  -Montale- Amber and Spices

  -Ramon Monegal- Hand in Hand

  -Armani Prive- Rose D’ Arabie

  -Fredric Malle- Portrait of a Lady

Although I’ve already reviewed a couple of these I just might have to go back with edits since I reviewed them rather blindly and in ignorance so I didn’t really understand what exactly I was reviewing.  I’ve also discovered that oud doesn’t develop well on my wrist, which is the typical place I test fragrances.  My wrist is too dry so the notes quickly fade away or smell brittle, but the crease of my elbow is warmer, more moist, so the notes that developed there are much more rich.  That pretty much nullifies my first attempt to review Portrait of a Lady so now I must go back and give it a proper try, especially since I first tested it in the dry desert heat of Vegas and I live on the Texas coast and humidity really makes a difference on how perfumes develop. 

I may be late in discovering the charms of oud but I’m still glad to have come around at all.  There are only so many ways to concoct a soapy floral or fruity gourmand before they become redundant.  And although I will always enjoy them, I’ve grown bored of them. I can’t remember the last time I was really ‘wowed’ by one.

But this is just another dimension emerging reminding me of why I love perfumes so much! Because it IS a multifaceted hobby/obsession lol.  Tastes grow and change over time, developing more mature noses. I think , we in modern times, are so very lucky that we are able to embrace those changes and to have such a wide variety of fragrances available, at the click of a button, to indulge ourselves in.  Thank you internet! 😀


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