Chypre Fatal Guerlain


This isn’t a true chypre in the purist sense, as it lacks oak moss, but the dry down notes certainly give the suggestion of belonging to that group.

Although this frag is fruity and somewhat  sweet, it’s unique and stands apart from the typical ‘fruity floral’.  It undenibly carries the ‘guerlainade’ signature. On my skin it lasts all day, 6 hours easy, with respectable but unobtrusive sillage.

 This isn’t the typical clean, syrupy, and overdone fruity floral fragrance the notes might suggest. This borders on a unisex smell, albeit a feminine one.  There’s something in the notes, not listed, beyond the patchouli, something peppery and earthy, that’s grounding the composition and keeping it from becoming too squeaky and cloying.

This is a mature, sophisticated scent. I couldn’t picture anyone under 30 pulling it off or even being able to afford it for that matter as it is rather pricey.  I could see myself wearing it well into my 90s if I make it that long! Not that it’s an “old lady” scent, because it is not. It’s just refined.

I bought a full bottle but reserve its use for occasions when I mean business, literally, tailored suit and all. This scent means I’m serious, ready to get down to business, and on my toes.  It means I’m not some damsel that needs rescue. No! I have a voice and can hold my own. Even if I AM wearing heels and pearls, don’t underestimate me or I’ll catch you off guard!  lol  It makes me think of Katherine Hepburns’ spirit and independence and Dagney Taggarts’ strength and headstrong stubborness. They make everything look so graceful and effortless. You never see them sweat.

Despite some negative reviews, I think this is the modern ideal of what a Guerlain perfume should be. It’s high quality, sophisticated, and graceful.  Some might mistake it for highbrow snobbery and maybe even highway robbery, especially with its current cost. But I believe it worthy of its exclusivity.  It’s timeless and just beautiful.

Season: Winter/Fall

Top notes: white peach

Heart notes: spicy rose

Base notes: patchouli, vanilla

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I just love perfumes 😍

3 thoughts on “Chypre Fatal Guerlain”

  1. You are so soooo right! I just discovered your review and must say I am so happy that someone could put to beautiful words what I was actually thinking about this modern Beirut!- the perfume changes through the hours from a lighter fruity peach patch to an earthy Smokey patchouli rose!! A dark one and a spicey one. Then it changes again to a vanilla patch with some light rose waft..I love it really the way it changes. Thanks for your review!

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