Pivoine Suzhou Armani Prive


Although the name is quite exotic and was inspired by the beautiful and formal gardens of Suzhou, China, the scent is very familiar and safe. It is in no way pushing any envelopes. I feel like I’ve smelled this before. That’s not to say it’s cheap smelling because the high quality is obvious and really, it’s a lovely scent.  But if I smelled anything like this before, it was in no way as luxurious as this. I must say, though, for being on such an exclusive line such as Armani Prive, it is walking a tightrope and flirting with generic. Even still I bought a fb because it’s a beautiful, enveloping floral fragrance. 

It opens up like fizzy rasberry soda.  Carbonated syrup but restrained.  It’s sweet but thankfully not sickly sweet and very feminine. The rasberry carries into the heart, introducing the roses and peony. The roses play a very supporting role and never try to take the lead, nor seem to ever really develop for themselves. They sit quietly behind the scenes and give their all to sweeten the peony, which sparkles and politely dances around in your face, tickling your nose,  giggling, and enjoying the center stage. 

Fragrantica states that this is an EDP but I have the bottle in my hand at this very moment and can assure you it is in fact an EDT and behaves as such.  It’s a very light, airey,  somewhat aquatic, somewhat soapy, fruity floral.  The musk is very clean, as is the entire composition.  It’s an innocent fragrance, not sultry or sexy, but sweet and very refreshing.

For an EDT, it lasts quite a while but maintains itself mostly as a skin scent, although a few extra spritz give it more body and sillage. The dry down is a clean white musk that still hints of the florals.  It smells so clean, I detect no patchouli in the composition at anytime.

  This is a beautiful summer day fragrance.  It makes me think of white cotton sundresses, walking barefoot on lush green grass, and picking flowers in the sunshine as a cool breeze blows by. 

If you’re looking for something different and unique, with paradigm shifting originality, sorry, this frag will leave you disappointed. But if you’re looking for a luxurious, clean summer floral with some inoffensive lasting power, you might want to give this one a try.  It really is a beautiful scent.

Top notes: Mandarin, Pink pepper. Raspberry

Heart notes: Peony, Rose, May rose absolute

Base notes: Amber, Musk, Patchouli 

Purchase Pivoine Suzhou Here


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