Rose de Grasse Aerin Lauder


This is the closest to the natural smell of a rose, in a bottle, I’ve ever encountered. I LOVE the smell of live roses but have always hated the cheaply imitated and failed attempts to capture it. But Aerin Lauder nailed it with this one. Bravo! It’s really beautiful!

Despite the other notes listed, this definitely comes across as a soliflore.

It’s a bit strange though because after spraying my wrists, I couldn’t smell a thing for about 5 minutes. I first sniffed the cap and smelled the dried down notes that were so lovely, then sprayed my wrists and couldn’t smell anything but alcohol. I resniffed the cap and it seemed I had become anosmic to the scent immediately because I still couldn’t smell it. I grabbed my bottle of Mitsouko to make sure my nose wasn’t broken and it surely wasn’t lol. But even after a jolting sniff of my Mitsy I still couldn’t smell the rose.

But after about 5 minutes the most amazing rose scent developed and I couldn’t keep from smelling it! It’s fairly linear on me, with soft sillage but last’s all day. It’s a gorgeous fragrance worth every penny. The creme de la creme of rose soliflore perfumes! ❤

Season: Spring/Summer

Top notes: Ambrette, Water notes

Heart notes: French rose, Bulgarian rose

Base notes: Amber, Musk, Wood notes

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