Womanity Thierry Mugler


I was gifted a bottle of this by a dear fragrant friend and wasn’t sure what to expect but I found the audacity of the notes most intriguing, scandalous, even outrageous.  Fig leaves and caviar. And also very pink. Oh boy. The mere idea of it brought mixed emotions. The reviews I read were just as polarized.  So typical of Thierry Mugler to create controversy in the fragrance world.  And this bottle is all about sex! 

Was it just a marketing ploy or is this perfume supposed to smell like Eves vagina?  And not ‘pre-apple’ Eve either. It definitely paints a picture of Eve covering her naked lady parts with Fig leaves in the garden of Eden after she had bitten from the forbidden fruit and was no longer innocent. She’s aware of her nakedness. Aware of sex. Nothing subtle about what Mugler was conveying here.

On my skin it opens with a burst of sweet juicy figs and very salty ocean water. I detect nothing really fishy on me but I DO understand how it could develop that way on some. There is a very carnal smell to it. It actually kind of does smell like a vagina but freshly bathed and just after orgasm. It is a very provacative smell!  I recently tried Secretions Magnifique by Etat Libre d’ Orange and was absolutely disgusted! But this is different. This is sweet, salty, erotic, flesh… 

The heart turns soapy and also sweetens up quite a bit. The salt has retreated, still there but less present.    I can’t believe how much I like this fragrance. It’s very sensual on me and could almost be a natural smell. It doesn’t smell synthetic at all on my skin.  

It’s lasts a long time too, 8 hours easy, but the sillage stays very close. The bottle is just as controversial as the juice but I really like it. It’s unique. It’s very feminine, modern, art deco, but at the same time conjures up images of hieroglyphics and symbols from antiquity, reminding me of thousand year old kama sutra depictions on temples, and ancient sex.  Has female sex changed at all in the history of humanity or, rather, Womanity? What was sex like for Hatshepsut or Cleopatra? 

I think this is one of the most interesting and intriguing additions to my wardrobe thus far:  the scent itself, the bottle, the juice, the ideas, thoughts and feelings it creates and overall the whole aesthetic. And despite everything, it’s surprisingly very wearable and not completely offensive or in your face like Angel or Alien. 

I would still recommend testing before buying to see how it works with body chemistry.  The reviews are fairly on point so this frag could only go one of two ways. It IS a Thierry Mugler after all so it’s  not just a perfume, it’s an experience and not for the faint of heart.  In the case of Womanity, a very sexual experience, and one that I would absolutely recommend trying, at least once.  😉

Season: Summer

Notes: Fig, Fig leaf, Fig Tree, Caviar 


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