Gourmand Coquin Guerlain


Gourmand Coquin roughly translates into English as “greedy rascal” and while I’ve never been too crazy about gourmands or foody fragrances, this one wears like a dream. A very delicious, sweet heavenly dream that I want to hoard all to myself haha.

Floating on clouds of fluffy vanilla marshmallows covered in dark chocolate and dripping with boozy spiced caramel. If this were a drink it would be a cocktail of Godiva dark chocolate liquer, creme de cacao, liquer 43, and Bailey’s creme caramel, with a splash of milk. Equal parts mixed in a shaker with ice and served in a martini glass with melted chocolate swirls lining the glass and an Oreo crumb rim.

Coquin wears very close to the skin and is a very intimate, sultry fragrance that lasts many hours.  You can wear this to lure your lover in to nibble on your neck.  Or wear alone to feel sexy and satisfy that chocolate craving. This is an olafactory confection of the richest kind. The aristocracy of gourmands.

Elixir Charnels come with a very exclusive price tag and even scoring a sample can be a challenge, as is in-store testing since it’s only carried by a handful of boutiques. But if you are a fan of gourmands and love the scent of boozy chocolates, this would actually be a relatively safe blind buy. The chocolate and cacao develop very naturally on the skin. It’s also very clean and only modestly sweet. Nothing synthetic, cloying, or overbearing about this juice.
This isn’t an everyday, casual daytime perfume in my opinion. It’s very rich and luxurious, best reserved for a romantic evening or date night.  And although the projection is only arms length and the sillage soft, the juice itself is potent and long lasting so a couple of spritz will suffice.  I imagine my bottle will last me a few years but it’s something I will definitely purchase again should I run out. 

Season: Fall/Winter (but nice year round)

Notes: Dark chocolate, Cacao, Vanilla, Rum, Rose, Spices, Pepper


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I just love perfumes 😍

4 thoughts on “Gourmand Coquin Guerlain”

  1. Ummm, I’m going to try both of these chocolatey sounding fragrances. I never ever heard of the house, but the way you describe them the product is worth a try.


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