FlowerBomb Viktor&Rolfe


FlowerBomb is truly an explosion but it’s not flowers!  Well not to me at least.  It’s concentrated sugar. This  should be named Candybomb! 

 I think the name is misleading actually, because I was really expecting to be blasted away in a pretty pink bouquet leaving a trail of petals in my sillage but what I actually experienced was being mired down in a syrupy, sugary candy concoction. It’s more gourmnd than floral, at least on my skin.

 It’s really really sweet, almost too sweet and synthetic smelling, but still do able if used very sparingly. A heavy hand could very easily make this cloying and I’m a sweet frag kinda girl but I do have my limits!  It kind of reminds me of Hanae by Hanae Mori and to be honest, I actually like Hanae a lot more than this one. It doesn’t have the dirty patchouli note in it.

Ladies of FlowerBomb, please take no offense, as none is intended, I swear BUT: It’s too easy to tell who’s been wearing this so habitually that they’ve become anosmic to it because you can smell it a mile away and this is an extremely popular frag so I’ve come across this a time or two or a hundred. I swear I smell this frag EVERYWHERE! 

I was gifted a mini but I wouldn’t go out and buy it for myself. I don’t hate it but it’s just too sweet and way too common. This is “basic bitch” perfume, lol  

Season: Winter

Top notes: Bergamot, Tea, Osmanthus

Heart notes: Jasmine, Orange flower, Freesia, Rose, Orchid

Base notes: Patchouli, Musk


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I just love perfumes 😍

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