Not a Perfume Juliette Has a Gun


For me, this was a very strong like from the first sniff.  I wasn’t completely blown  away by it but I WAS very much impressed. This is the cleanest (non) perfume I’ve ever smelled!  Like fresh laundry, still warm out of the dryer. Well, after the dry down at least lol.

On initial spray, I admit, it’s a bit unpleasant. Not foul, by any means, but a little on the harsh side and alcohol-y.  Not unusual though as many frags are harsh on opening.  But as soon as it dries, a wonderful aroma begins to develop. It gradually warms up, becoming more potent after being worn a few hours. Because of this, it’s very easy to overspray this one because its strength is very deceptive. It also has great longitivity. On skin I could easily smell it all day and into the evening. On clothes- for days.

I really like the versatility of this juice.  Not only is it unisex, it works well any season. And smelling clean is appropriate for any occasion! It’s also hyperallergenic, so it can be worn when perfumes cannot or should not be worn. For example, nurses and others in the medical field aren’t supposed to wear purfumes around patients. It can also be worn by those who have very sensitive skin or allergies.

Although this frag gets a bit of flak from reviewers calling it a gimmick or being too underwhelming or that they can’t even smell it or it’s over priced, I think it’s brilliant! It smells great, it’s hypoallergenic, and at around $120 for a 100ml bottle (in gorgeous packaging I might add), it’s not so outrageously priced nor out of reach.  A no-brainer gift for a perfumista friend as well.❤

Season: All

Note: Ambroxan


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