Jasmin et Cigarette ELDO


This frag should come with a warning label:

CAUTION: If worn in warm weather, this perfume becomes a cloying, skanky hot ashy mess!

 There, I said it. Jasmin et Cigarette is NOT for the faint of heart but only for the bold and daring who want to stand out.

Worn in cooler weather, the tobacco is kept in check and the jasmine really shines! But in the heat it smells like a hot dumpster sitting behind the local dive bar!  Rotting garbage, vomit, and week old ashtrays. Not very attractive to say the least.

I give it 10 points for originality though. I really like how different and unique it is.  It’s a very “niche” niche, so the chances of bumping into someone else wearing it is extremely low and there’s nothing else on the market that really compares. But this frag DOES demand attention so if you’re looking for a non-offensive, office friendly perfume this is definitely NOT it!   JeC is in the same category as “Angel”.  It’s strong, with “slap you in your face” projection, everlasting sillage, extremely loud, and can be a very offensive and nauseating beast. Not everyone can pull this one off.  Even I can’t pull this one off all the time. I must pick my battle wisely!

But when the time is right and the weather is cool and arid, like the middle of fall, the jasmine wears like Gardenias in full bloom mid-summer. Very sweet and full, very heady and just gorgeous with the tobacco playing a supporting role bringing out those indoles.  But even summer blooming gardenias can become cloying when overloaded. But when the air catches the scent and the breeze wafts by your nose it’s intoxicating. And that’s exactly how this perfume wears so I recommend using a light hand when spraying this: a little dab’ll do ya! I absolutely LOVE this for fall and winter but avoid it like the plague during the warmer months lol.

Season: Fall/Winter

Notes: Apricot, Tonka bean, Musk, Tobacco, Cedar, Jasmine, Hay, Amber, Cumin.

Purchase Jasmin et Cigarette Here 


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