This is a list of fragrances I have personally come across that I feel are copycats of each other in that they smell if not exactly alike, then extremely similar to each other, so much so that owning them both would be redundant.  I’m not getting into who created what first but you can easily look that up if you are curious. This page will be updated (with links) as I make new discoveries and get more reviews done, so it’s a work in progress. 🙂        

                                                                     PLEASE KEEP IN MIND:

These are MY experiences with these fragrances on MY chemistry. It is completely possible, even probable, they will wear differently on your skin. Testing any fragrance before purchase is highly recommended when possible.

~Balenciaga “B” & Thierry Mugler “Womanity”

~By Kilian “Bamboo Harmony” & Bvlgari “Au Thé Vert”

~Fredric Malle “Iris Poudre” & Gianfranco Ferre “Eau de Ferre” (same nose)

~Fredric Malle “Lipstick Rose” & Guerlain “French Kiss”

~Juliette Has a Gun “Midnight Oud” & Atelier Cologne “Rose Anonyme extrait” & Guerlain “Rose Nacree du Desert”

~Guerlain “Le Petite Robe Noir” & “Donna Karen “Liquid Cashmere Black”

~Guerlain “L’Heure Bleue” &  Novaya Zarya “Red Moscow”