Anyway Juliette Has a Gun


This frag is a very simple, minimalist perfume, very closely related to “Not a Perfume” from the same house as they share the same main note of Ambroxan. But Anyway has a bit more layers with the added notes of lime, neroli, and jasmine, which add a sparkling “fizzy” quality to the fragrance. 

On initual spray it is very alcoholic, like most perfumes are, and almost smells like nothing else besides synthetic alcohol, but very quickly the jasmine and neroli begin to peek their heads in before complete dry down and gradually develops strength as they warm up. The notes are relatively synthetic smelling but not in an unpleasant way. Think laundry detergent and soapy freshness. It’s very pleasant actually and very non-offensive. The perfume continues to strengthen for the first 30 minutes or so, creating a decent sillage that lasts most of a day.

This frag is deceptively strong. Although it isn’t a powerhouse of a perfume and the projection stays within arms length, it sticks around much longer than one would anticipate for such a simple fragrance. On skin it lasts most of the day. On clothes for several days. Many people have claimed in reviews to be anosmatic to the smell, and although it IS a relatively light perfume, I can assure you it IS there! Just as you would get used to the smell of your laundry detergent in your clothes where others can still smell the freshness, so is the same for Anyway. The bottle is very fitting as this is a ‘clean, pure white” fragrance. And it is very gender neutral, being the epitome of a unisex fragrance, not unlike a bar of soap or laundry detergent. 

Although recommended for the spring and summer months, and I agree it IS a warm weather fragrance with the neroli and lime notes, I see this as being a very appropriate year ’round office scent or gym scent, or anywhere you’d be in close proximity to others and would not want to overpower them with perfume. 

If it came down to a decision between choosing Not a Perfume and Anyway, I would choose Anyway. Not a Perfume is a great choice for those with sensative skin since it is hypoallergenic, but I feel that Anyway is just a tad bit more interesting. I own them both in full bottles but in reality, having them both is a bit redundant. When I run out of them both, Anyway would be the only one I’d purchase again. It’s a great fragrance when I don’t really feel in the mood for a heavy perfume or I know I’ll be around people I don’t want to fumigate with fragrance, but still want to smell fresh and clean. It’s my go-to frag for my Jujutsu training 🙂

Season: Spring/ Summer

Top notes: Neroli, Lime

Heart notes: Jasmine

Base notes: Ambroxan, Musk, Woody notes, Hedione



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