Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder


This perfume is a hot summer day at an all inclusive beach resort.  Warm salty breeze, sunkissed skin, pina coladas, and expensive tanning lotion, lounging next to crystal blue waters and a white sands beach.  When I put this on, I am instantly transported.

There are many coconut frags on the market but, to me, most smell like drug-store body sprays or cheap auto air fresheners, using loads of artificial and synthetic smelling chemical coconut. 

I love all things coconut and summer. And I went on a mission to find my holy grail coconut fragrance. I was already familiar with all the Bath & Body Works and Victorias Secret body sprays but I wanted something a bit deeper and higher quality so I started with a few designers and a few niche frags.  There aren’t very many higher end frags that really showcase coconut. It’s mostly used as a supporting note, as in Carnal Flower or Beyond Love.

From my experience, the general consensus among the niche crowd seems to be, that coconut is just too common and cheap.  

Ok, fine, so maybe it IS a rather cheap ingredient comparatively speaking. But I still love the way it smells. Anyways, I ended up with Virgin Island Water by Creed, and although I wasn’t blown away by it at first, it really grew on me after a few wearings.  But it never really did “scratch that itch” for a good coconut tannung oil type perfume, since my chemistry really brings out the lime in VIW.  So I went back on the hunt.

Growing up, most of the women in my family wore some type of Estee Lauder perfume. My mother always wore Knowing or Spellbound. Her mother wore White Linen and my paternal grandmother wore Youth Dew.  Actually they all wore Youth Dew at some point in rotation, but I digress. Estee Lauder holds a special, sentimental place in my heart because of them. But as an adult and a perfumista at that, I never really gave the house much thought in wearing their creations for myself. Although EL DOES offer quality frags, to me it was an “old fashioned” house, for old lady perfumes, and all to common for that matter.

 After weeks of searching and wearing my nose out trying to find a coconut frag, I posed the question on Fragrantica’s message board and got quite a few recommendations. Bronze Goddess being one of them, though it ended up last on my list to try, for obvious reasons.

But it sent me back on the hunt, though, at least I had a few leads this time.  It was a mix of mostly mainstream frags but a few niche.  Now, while I do appreciate others’ input and the recomendations I got, I am not stepping foot into Bath and Body works or Victorias Secret, to buy my fragrances. To me, they are cheap, teeny bopper body sprays and, frankly, smell like strippers. No thanks.

I started at Barneys.  Aethereus by Bois 1920, was disappointing to say the least. Not a bad frag.  It’s a very masculine take on the whole coconut theme and just wasn’t for me.  FCUK Friction I blind bought online since it was inexpensive but turned out to smell as cheap as it was. Total garbage. Cool bottle though. 

I refuse to spend money on celebrity fragrances, I don’t care how good they smell. It’s still mass merchandising and as a perfume lover with great respect for the artisty and science behind making perfumes, I just can’t get behind them or their gimmicks, so that left out about 5 of the recommendations.

I was down to Montale’s Intense Tiare and Bronze Goddess and I have no access to testing any Montales where I am so off to Dillards I went.  One spray of Bronze Goddess and the rest is history.

This was it. My Pina Colada/Suntan oil smelling perfume. Summer in a bottle. Now, I won’t claim this as my holy grail coconut as there are still a few on my list to try including Vittoria Apuana by Profumi del Forte, Debaser by D.S. & Durga, Coccobello by James Heely, and a few from Demeter.  But  I’m satisfied, for now, in what Bronze Goddess delivers.

After the citrusy top dries down, sweetened coconuts and tiare take the heart, supported by ripe, slightly indolic jasmin and orange blossoms. Although it is labeled a skinscent, it still projects to arms length and lasts a solid 6-8 hours.
Although this wears fairly linear on me, the base does somewhat lose the tiare with the sandlewood, coconut, and vanilla becoming most prominant.  I like it. This isn’t a sophistocated frag by any means, but it doesn’t smell like cheap body spray either and it scratched that coconut itch. It’s fun and great for summer days outdoors. 🙂

Season: Spring/Summer

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Lemon, Orange

Heart: Jasmin, Magnolia, Orange Blossom, Tiare

Base: Amber,  Coconut, Vetiver, Sandlewood, Vanilla, Myrrh



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