Putain des Palaces ELDO



Putain des Palaces, loosely translates as “High class hooker” or literally as “whore of the palaces”. This is, imo, the second most obscene fragrance from the house, after Secretions Magnifiques of course.

The name, the scent itself, the marketing… all incredibly vulgar and lewd but I love it lol. Sure it’s racy and pretty risqué but it’s so very well done, they managed to pull it off.

Some might see ELDOs tactics as gimmicky but I think it’s brilliant. They’ve really stepped outside of the box with their entire approach to perfumery. And it’s worked! Now that ELDOhas gone mainstream by being carried by Sephora (in a limited selection, not the entire line, and online only for now) I suppose the house can’t really be considered a true “niche” anymore, but they still stand apart in the industry and remain unique, in the same manner as Demeter, only much more spendy so still pretty exclusive.

Anyways, back to this naughty lady lol. PdP starts off fairly light with pretty powder florals and a cosmetic/makeup vibe going on. Don’t let this innocent first impression fool you though. Once you have a few minutes to let her get comfortable, she develops a very sexy, animalic wild side that dominates the heart.  The animalic note isn’t the typical musk, civet, castorum type of animalic note either, but rather human.  Recently bathed but musky aroused genitals comes to mind.

This musk climaxes over a couple of hours then gradually settles back into a powdered, soft leathery, floral accord.

This frag seems to really work for or against your chemistry. Some reviews I’ve read claim no raunchy musk, only powder florals but others get nothing but the smell of sex and leather. I highly recommend testing this one before buying to see how it reacts on your skin.

It’s a, somewhat, polarizing fragrance for sure and people seem to love it or hate it or merely find themselves offended solely by the marketing strategy. But I think it’s clever, especially since many people reference prostitiutes when it comes to the smell of perfumes with the whole “smells like a French whorehouse” idiom.
But I am glad that it was executed so nicely. The juice is good quality, the longetivity is fair, and the projection moderate. I guess what I’m saying is that, well, if she’s going to be a whore, it’s better to be the Putain des Palaces than the Putain des Rues! 😉

Season: Any

Notes: Rose absolute, Violet, Leather, Lily of the valley, Tangerine, Ginger, Rice powder, Amber, Musks


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