Oriental Brulant Guerlain


Oriental Brulant is the most gorgeous epitime of a gourmand oriental. The vanilla is so delicious I just want to chew on my arm where I sprayed it lol!

While the projection is relatively low, it lasts forever. But that is something I have come to expect from the Elixer Charnels collection.  These fragrances are very romantic and stay close to the skin, very intimate.

This is a very flirty, sweet sexy pink fragrance for sure but still very grown up. Nice enough for wearing out on a date night but still casual enough to wear cuddling on the couch watching tv. Whenever you want to smell delectable is the perfect time to wear this fragrance.

This is a very safe, very clean, and very pricey perfume.  I do think there are other more reasonable options of oriental vanilla fragrances on the market at a better bargain for sure, but that didn’t deter me from wanting to add this final jewel to my Elixir Charnal collection. This perfume IS gorgeous afterall, but for most people, this perfume is way out of budget and just doesn’t deliver the bang for the buck, like Gourmand Coquin does.

There’s nothing really groundbreaking about OB. It’s not a trailblazing perfume. But then again, I tend to stick with the safer frags that work with my chemistry and are appropriate for the occasions I want to wear them.

No matter what, you can’t really go wrong with this frag. It’s amazingly gorgeous and I feel lavish and sexy everytime I wear it.

Season: Fall/Winter but I think it works well year ’round

Top: Mandarin

Heart: Almond

Base: Tonka, Styrax, Vanilla


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