Songe d’un Bois d’Ete Guerlain


This unisex fragrance is a bit of a paradox, though a gorgeous one indeed. It’s masculine and feminine at the same time, yet not androgynous like many unisex fragrances tend to be. This will smell masculine on a woman but a bit feminine on a man.  This juice is most definitely a hermaphrodite and is surely not for the beginner nose, especially younger females.  I know, I speak from experience lol. The guys might like it, but only a handful. There’s nothing fruity, fresh, or sweet about it, like most of the mainstream, popular frags are these days, for both guys and girls. This is really a mature scent I think. 

This is my second favorite perfume from the Les Deserts d’Orient collection after Encens Mythique, but really they almost tie. This one is REALLY good!

Songe is very warm, heavy, leathery, with oud and myrrh and quite frankly 5 years ago I would have probably hated it.  But I have really started developing a taste for resinous, spicey, woody fragrances and this one is just magnificent! I’m dying. It’s just so gorgeous!

Personally, I think it’s the jasmin that really does it for me. If the composition lacked the jasmin (hedione?) I think it would be too heavy for me but the hint of floral sweetens it up a bit.

On initial spray, it almost smells like gasoline because of the alcohol, but this stage is very fleeting. Very quickly the oud opens with the saffron and jasmin and cardamon.  At the beginning of this stage there’s musky armpit/B.O. smell. It smells very much like strong, rough leather.  I don’t find it offensive (anymore lol) but some may. It’s fairly animalic. This stage only lasts a few minutes then the oud begins to settle down with the jasmin. Then the cedar becomes detectable as well as the myrrh. There is a slight smokey smell in the background. Like the myrrh is being burned. I can’t really pick up the bay leaf or patchouli but I’m sure with some time my nose will get better at sorting out these different notes from within such a powerful fragrance.

And powerful it IS. Songe is very potent and does NOT need to be sprayed more than twice, really just once would be ideal. And it lasts a very long time too; intense from morning until night.

I like that it doesn’t smell synthetic, even if some of the notes are. It maintains a natural woody smell throughout, from top to bottom.

 The name is perfect and translates to “Dream of a summer wood”.  Tree resins smell more aromatic when they are warm in the summer. They contain more water and are more fluid during growing season. Conversly, during the winter when many plants and trees go dormant, they stop taking on as much water and the resins thicken up. During this time, the odor of the resins or sap is very faint and if theres any cuts on a tree, the sap will feel hard, like a stone, where it was once very sticky and gummy in the summer.

This perfume is surely a warm summer woods. I think it could easily become cloying if heavily worn during the heat of the summer so I see it best as a cold weather frag but it could be pulled off in warm weather if used sparingly.

Regardles of who wears it or when, this is a sexy, sophisticated fragrance fit for royalty with the exclusivity and price to match. Something I will definitely buy again when this bottle runs out.

Season: Winter/Fall

Notes: Jasmin, Patchouli, Saffron, Cedar, Oud, Cardamon, Myrrh, Bay Leaf


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