Bonbon Viktor&Rolf

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Bonbon is another one of those fragrances that I really want to hate but just can’t.  In theory, I hate everything about it; the name, the notes, the house, and especially the bottle! But in reality, it’s delicious and wears very nicely.

I am not a fan of FlowerBomb at all, or really of Viktor&Rolf for that matter, though many disagree and they are quite successful, so kudos to them. But I think they are incredibly gimmicky.  So when this came out, I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough lol. Yup, I’m kind of a perfume snob. I own it, though I’ll still try just about anything even if I DO end up turning my nose up at it lol.  But if something is really good I WILL swallow my pride for it and see past its faults. In the case of Bonbon, it’s this headache inducing, eyesore of a flacon lmao. Any perfumista with any amount of taste can see what a kitsch monstrosity of a bottle this perfume is being housed in.  It’s horribly tacky, like Christmas decor, except worse; it doesn’t go away after New Years lol. 

But I got a sample from my favorite SA at NM, who rolled his eyes at it too but suggest I try it anyways as he stuffed various samples into my bag as he was ringing up my purchase. 

Now I have followed this guy from a Guerlain boutique, to Barneys, and finally Neiman Marcus over the course of about 4 years. We’ve explored many houses together and we’ve actually become pretty good friends and even go out when I’m in town. He’s assisted me in purchasing well over 50% of my collection and knows my taste pretty darn well at this point. So when he strongly recommends something I take his word for it, for he knows me well lol. 

And he was dead on with this one. It’s a delicious orange caramel gourmand. And even though I’m not super crazy about gourmands, Bonbon plays nice.  I usually don’t care for super sugary perfumes but this one isn’t too sweet.

It opens with a burst of peaches, orange and jasmin, giving it a creamsicle vibe. And I LOVE creamsicle! After drydown, the caramel really comes out and the orange backs off a bit but is still clearly  there. The heart lasts quite a while and I catch wafts of the most delicious dessert every now and then, only to realize it’s me lol. The projection is moderate; you won’t choke anyone out like FlowerBomb.  And the sillage is intoxicating. The longetivity is pretty good too and so is the price.

But I still cannot stand that bottle. I don’t find it cutesy at all.  It looks childish, unsophisticated, and cheap. I’m sure girls under 25 might love it but I think it’s super tacky and falls right in line with V&R gimmicks.

Even still, I will probably end up buying a bottle of this even if I have to hide it in the back of my collection so I don’t have to look at it lol. The juice is really that good!

Season: Winter/Fall

Top notes: Orange, Peach, Mandarine Orange

Heart notes: Caramel, Orange Blossom, Jasmin

Base notes: Guaiac wood, Sandlewood, Amber, Cedar


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