Dans Tes Bras Frederic Malle



DtB was an instant love for me but I can see how this could be a polarizing, love it or hate it scent. But to me, it smells  comfortable and makes me feel very cozy.

The name is very fitting and translates to “In your arms”. And it does feel like a hug. But not a sexy, lustful hug. Way more platonic, though it could be a hug between a romantic couple. It could just as easily be a baby in mothers arms hug too, though.  It’s a grateful hug, affectionate, and loving. It’s a hug from a soldier finally home from being away for a year. He could be embracing his wife or he could be hugging his mother or his kids, either way, he’s thankful to the core to be home.

DtB is more of a skinscent although I do catch wafts of it here and there. It’s soapy but not necessasarily clean. But there is something about it that smells like skin that I can only attrubute to the cashmeran and musk. Overall, it’s a fairly light powdery, softly woody, floral and not super synthetic smelling.

Although the projection is low the sillage is nice and it lasts all day.  It’s not offensive by any means, though it has mixed reviews. It’s genuine and unique for sure.

I just have a small decant for now that I got at Saks to test but this IS on my FB want list.  It’s very different and gentle and I love it.  It makes me feel calm and safe. Just like a warm embrace.

Season: All

Notes: Heliotrope, Jasmin, Woodsy Notes, Pine Tree, Cashmeran, Sandlewood, Musk, Incense


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