Eau Mega Viktor&Rolf


Eau Mega is a fine example of V&R gimmicks. The play on words, the bottle atomizer, the marketing, even the juice.

Eau Mega literally translates to “Mega Water” lol and it IS an aquatic fruity floral, but there is nothing “mega” about this fragrance except for maybe the mega gimmicky marketing lol.

The juice itself is very light, generic, nothing special, unique or trailblazing. Totally forgettable soapy floral. The bottle, however, IS something else

And that something else is gimmicks lol. But gimmicks I totally fell for. I’m almost certain they designed the bottle first then realized they needed to put something inside in order to sell it. My overall impression is that all of the overhead, time, energy, and budget went into creating the bottle, because it’s actually kind of fantastic. 

I LOVE how the golden round atomizer spray is a nod to the traditional bulb atomizer but I wish they would have followed through with a modern fragrance that also gave a nod to the classics, instead of this watered down boring mess.

It’s pears marinaded in water with some clean, white musk. Light projection, soft sillage, average longetivity. Very very “ok”. Non offensive but non impressive either. Safe but mediocre at best.

I fell for the gimmick hook, line, and sinker because I wanted that amazing “genius in simplicity” bottle. And so there it sits, so very pretty on my shelf but there’s n’eau mega (👈see what I did there😂) mystery over why it was discontinued.

Season: Spring/Summer

Top notes: Violet Leaf, Basil, Acquatic Notes, Lemon, Pear

Heart notes: Peony, Jasmin

Base notes: Sandlewood, Musk


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