Gypsy Water Byredo



Gypsy water was an instant favorite for me. I first heard of it through Fragrantica, reading through all of the rave reviews and I HAD to try it.

There isn’t a Barneys in the city I live in but I frequently travel to Las Vegas with my husband, so I had to wait a few months until our next trip to try it out but it was so worth it!

On my skin, Gypsy Water reads as a very gourmand, creamy but tart, lemon merangue pie.  And it’s delicious! It’s a bit sweet but not overly so and never becomes cloying to me.
The most prominant notes I get are fresh lemon, sweetened vanilla, and sandlewood with hints of pine, juniper, and smokey incense. This frag is extremely unisex.

This is one of my most favorite summer scents and falls into my all time top ten.  It isn’t a very complex fragrance and stays fairly linear on me, but it just feels so good to wear this perfume. It’s very clean and refreshing but not in a soapy way.  The freshness mostly comes from the lemon and pine.

This doesn’t have a huge projection but leaves a wonderful sillage and lasts about 8 hours for me.  It’s a very uplifting fragrance and feels like a bright, sunny, perfect summer day!

Season: Spring/Summer

Top notes: Bergamot, Pepper, Lemon, Juniper

Heart notes: Incense, Pine, Orris root

Base notes: Sandlewood, Vanilla, Amber


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