Pon Farr Star Trek



I could not resist this novelty fragrance.  Merchandising scheme or not I’m a huge Star Trek fan and had to try it for giggles.

I ordered it blindly online and was not disappointed, but then again, the note pyramid clearly spells out safe floral and generic. And it is, totally. But that is pretty much what I was expecting.

This perfume is almost satire though and absolutely did not boldly go where no perfume has gone before. The structure isn’t very fascinating by any means but it does last a long time (as a skin scent) for being so inexpensive and it smells clean, slightly soapy, and nice.  The heart reminds me a lot of J’adore but with apple instead of pear.  I realize there’s no apple note listed but if you sniff them side by side with,  you can totally smell apple; red delicious to be precise lol.

It’s a nice clean, soapy floral. Good for warm weather and trekking this side of paradise but not so intoxicating to enchant a Vulcan.  It’s much better quality than I was anticipating for the low price. Overall, it’s pretty unspectacular, unoffensive, safe, and kind of boring but still not a bad buy for what you get. $15 for 100ml. It says EdP but it’s more of an EdT or EdC. Very watered down and light.

 I don’t feel like I will live long and prosper wearing it but it definitely doesn’t make me feel like an unnamed crewman in a red shirt, so it’s got that going for it lol  But truthfully, if you’ve ever seen a Vulcan during Pon Farr, it’s an experience that is exponentially more intense than this perfume can possibly be, so, while it’s a nice fragrance, it doesn’t quite live up to its name.

After a few wearings, I gave it away to a girlfriend that’s a fellow Trekkie and she loved it, even if it was just for the sake of it being Star Trek lol. 

Top notes : nectarine, white violet and orchid

Heart notes : egyptian jasmine, mirabelle and vanilla

Base notes : patchouli, musk and sandalwood


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