Liquid Cashmere Black Donna Karen


I was expecting this to be a deeper version of LCW, as I received them as a sample duo, but alas, no.  These aren’t even remotely related. Where LCW is a white floral musk, LCB is a fruity floral gourmand.

It smells to me like Donna Karens perfumers were trying to rip off Le Petite Robe Noir as they smell enough alike with the cherry note that LPRN was the first thing that came to mind, but DK’s is watered down. It IS difficult to compete with and out-nose a Guerlain afterall lol.

Although fragrantica has praline listed as a note, I get none of it.  To me this just smells like merichino cherries in vanilla syrup and vanilla isn’t even listed as a note.

Overall, very unimpressive to say the least.  Another boring Donna Karen frag, and though it’s not uninspired, the inspiration is obviously trying to dupe another fragrance, so points off for unoriginality. Next…

Season: Winter/Fall

Top notes: Cherry

Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose

Base notes: Sandlewood, Patchouli, Praline


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