Top 10 of 2016


This list is very subject to change lol. I’ve been collecting perfumes a few years now. But as we all have experienced, when something new and better comes along, it can really put things into perspective.

I’m always trying out new perfumes because, well, I love perfume plus I like to have exposure “outside of the box”.  In the process, I’ve noticed my tastes changing and my nose evolving.  

So far these are my top 10 favorite perfumes at this point in my perfumista “career”.  I really wish I had done this before to see how I change, but oh well, better late than never.

It would take something extremely special, a perfume with a serious “wow” factor to knock anyone of these out of their places.  So, without further ado and in no particular order:

1. Iris Poudre
2. Like This
3. Encens Mythique
4. Chanel No 22
5. L ‘Heure Bleue
6. Vol de Nuit Evasion/Attrape Coeur
7. Lipstick Rose
8. Carnal Flower
9. Gypsy Water
10. Mon Precieux Nectar

Top 10 of 2017


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I just love perfumes 😍

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