Alien Thierry Mugler

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Despite the name, this fragrance is anything but Alien to my nose. It’s a white floriental, mainly jasmine and amber with some woodsy undertones.

On initial spray, Alien is sharp and screechy but it’s pretty clean and a little soapy. It settles quickly into a sweet, creamy jasmine with hints of vanilla. The woodsy notes grounds it and keep it from becoming cloying but this was from a small sample with only a few spritz so it was not liberally applied. This could very easily turn sickly sweet if over applied. 

There is something in the heart that smells reminscent of grapes, but artificially flavored grapes, like grape candy, so even though there are only 3 listed notes there’s a lot more going on in reality.

This juice has some monster projection so go easy lol. The silliage is just incredible and it’s very long lasting!  It smells amazing on your clothes the next day too.

Of the 3 main players in the line Angel, Alien, and Womanity (not including any flankers), I think Alien is the easiest to wear and the most beautiful!  Angel tends to have a very dirty patchouli note that smells like bo on me, and while I love Womanity for it’s daring composition and salty natural scent, I only enjoy wearing it during the summer.  Also, many people claim Womanity to smell fishy on them, though I don’t experience that, thank god!

 Alien is a sweeter more versatile fragrance.  This can be worn day or night, year round, and as long as you don’t overspray, can be office friendly too. It also comes in an awsome bottle, like TM frags do, at an affordable price. This one is a winner all around.

Season: All

Top note: Jasmine

Heart note: Woods

Base note: Amber


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