Generic Florals


I can already go ahead and say that this will be an ever growing list lol. 

Most, if not all, of the perfumes listed here came as samples with purchases and I like to remember what I’ve tested and what I thought about what I’ve tested. But all of these I find pretty generic, abstract florals. Not mind blowing or really unique.

I’m not saying these are bad frags because they are not. Some of them are great. But in my opinion, they are still generic smelling, uninspired, completely forgettable, and I find that kinda boring. If you want more info on them though, I suggest Fragrantica😜.

Alphabetical by House/Designer/Brand:

~Avon “Femme”
~Balenciaga “Paris”
~Bottega Veneta “Knot”
~Caraven “Le Parfum”
~Creed “Spring Flowers”
~Donna Karen “Liquid Cashmere White”
~Guess “Guess Girl”
~John Varvatos “John Varvatos EdP”
~Marc Jacobs “Daisy”
~Stella McCartney “Stella”
~Tocca  “Cleopatra”




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