Rose d’Arabie Armani Privé


It took me almost a year having this perfume to write a review of it. I tried to review several times but my attempts felt forced and unnatural. So I let the perfume tell me when I’m ready; when I am adequately acquainted with and experienced enough to critique it. 

I bought Rd’A last summer along with Myrrhe Imperiale while in Vegas, though it is truly not a summer fragrance! This is best reserved for cold weather as is ME, but for some strange reason I crave it more in warm weather.

First let me express how incredibly strong and potent this perfume is. It’s heavy, oily, and wears like a pure parfum! In fact, I don’t believe it should even be sprayed. It wears much better when dabbed.

It’s much too easy to overdo it with this perfume when it is sprayed. But when dabbed, it is much easier to control the amount applied. Dabbing also usually keeps the application to pulse points and that, in my opinion, is the best way to experience Rd’A.

This perfume is so strong that when sprayed, the notes are overwhelming and they all get lost in the mix. The result is a very bitter, patchouli dominate, sharp fragrance that is also very dry, dusty, and cold. 

But this is actually a very warm fragrance. The true beauty of this fragrance is the play on vanilla with the roses, both supported by oud. It’s almost gourmand; it’s so round, creamy, and the rose boozy and somewhat jammy.  The oud is present but is not dominate and the patchouli is mostly gone after drydown.

This leaves the most beautiful sillage and 1 spray can easily last 2 days.  It is a very unisex fragrance, though it does lean a bit masculine.

I highly recommend that if you do spray it on, that you only spray 1 spritz on your neck and immediately use your wrists to remove the excess sprayed and transfer it to your arms inside of your elbows so you cover your pulse points. This way you can really get to the heart of the perfume to enjoy it rather than being overwhelmed and mired in an overabundance of fragrance. But if you are willing, I recommend most, to use a non-atomized decant vial and dab it to the pulse points instead. 

The phrases “less is more” and “too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing” has never held truer than with Rd’A.  This gorgeous perfume can very easily become cloying and offensive to others if overapplied.  But if worn with reserve, you will definitely get your moneys worth. One bottle can last several years.  I suspect mine will last many years as I don’t wear it very frequently.

I have tested most of the Prive line and while all of them are high quality and beautiful fragrances, not all of them (black bottles) offer the longevity this one does. I believe Rd’A is really the best one in that it delivers the most “bang for your buck” with its potency and longetivity, and overall, it’s just a beautiful fragrance.

Season: Winter/Fall

Notes: Patchouli, Rose, Oud, Vanilla

Love in Black Creed


The first time I tried Love in Black I was on a trip in Playa del Carmen and my first thought was “Meteorites”, only sharper.  I loved the powdery volet and iris accord and ended up buying a bottle.  I couldn’t wait to test them side by side when I got home.

Although they are very different fragrances when comparing side by side, they are also very similar in that they share the powdery violet/iris, makeup vibe.  It smells like a very high-end fragranced compact.

It takes a while to get to that soft stage though. Love in Black is extremely shrill and metallic on opening and takes a bit to really settle. On my skin, this takes about 30 minutes.  The black currant battles the violets for center stage during the heart but once it dries and settles, it becomes a very soft, fluffy, powder.

I think it’s a very delicate, sweet perfume after dry down, although the black currant never really settles quite as much as I’d like it to.  It’s not overpoweringly sweet though.

It never grows cloying on me either but sometimes it is a bit much in the opening.  Thankfully this one only gets softer and better over time. The final base notes are incredibly beautiful and somewhat reminiscent of Lipstick Rose with the violet and rose.

LiB has incredible longetivity for such a dainty perfume and leaves a gorgeous sillage. The projection starts out rather robust but gradually tapers off into an amazing skinscent that was still very present long after the Metrorites faded away completely.

To me, this perfume is all about make up and powder but it’s powerful enough to be a great evening prrfume, though I find it wears well during the day and year round at that, which is an acomplishment in itself.  

My first impressions of Creed was that the juice was understated and the house overhyped. But this frag is what really brought me around. This is my second purchase from the house after VIW and, though I wasn’t fully convinced of houses quality the first few times I tested their fragrances, LiB completely changed my mind. It’s a beautiful fragrance; strong but delicate and very long lasting. 

Season: All

Top notes: Italian Violet, Virginia Cedar, Wildflowers

Heart notes: Iris, Cloves, Musk

Base notes: Black Currant, Bulgarian Rose