Les Voyages Olfactifs Collection Guerlain


This short lived collection was launched in 2009 with 3 fragrances; Moscow, New York, and Toyko. London was released in 2011, then Shanghai in 2012. I believe they were originally EdT in large (250ml?) round bottles but my set are all the 100ml EdP concentration in the rectangle bottle. The entire collection was discontinued in 2014.

Though I believe the idea behind the collection is brilliant, I can see why it was discontinued, unfortunately.

The first time I tested them was in the Guerlain boutique in the Palazzo in Las Vegas in 2013, before it was discontinued. I fell in love with Moscow. It became my very favorite perfume. On my next trip to Vegas a few months later, the SA at Guerlain told me it was being discontinued, starting with Moscow, so I bought a back-up bottle. Now it’s impossible to find and I use it sparingly.

My second purchase from the collection was London. I found it to be a very unique scent, unlike anything I’d worn before. ย I didn’t purchase the remaining 3 bottles until over a year later, when I ordered all 3 at once, as I noticed the stocks were beginning to run low. I admit it was mostly out of my want to have the complete collection, not because the fragrances are to die for. But I figured it would be a rare collection one day, so I rarely ever spray them. I’m actually debating on returning them to their boxes and putting them away out of any light at all.

The fragrances themselves are actually pretty nice but I don’t think they offer enough ‘wow’ factor, with the exception of Moscow, to warrent the price. So I think it’s fairly obvious why the collection didn’t make it in the long haul.

Moscow is the exception. I cried over Moscow. It’s a gorgeous perfume that swept me off my feet and I was very upset with its discontinuation. I found London to be a very nice fragrance as well, not to be cried over, but unique nonetheless. The other 3 from the collection; Shanghai, Toyko, and New York, I found to be highly understated. They have very little body, poor longevity, and wear like EdT even though they are all marked EdP. Hardly worth their asking price honestly.

Though I know some people really appreciate understated fragrances, I personally want powerful juice at such prices.ย  I want them to last a long time; on my skin and in the bottle. For almost $300 US per bottle, I want to only have to spray one, maybe two times to get the effect I want. But, with the exception of Moscow and London, the other three Ville perfumes need a heavy hand with 5 to 6 sprays to get them to project and last and I find that very wasteful.ย 

I understand that it was likely very intentional making Shanghai and Toyko both delicate fragrances as Asian cultures are very modest and reserved, but Americans are notoriously not. Which is why I was a little dissappointed in New York. It’s representing the Big Apple afterall. Go big or go home.ย  And it should be big, grand, over the top, but it’s just not. It’s a rather muted woody fragrance that only lasts 3 to 4 hours.

I think if the fragrances had been given more personality and a bit more concentration this collection would have been a huge hit. The possibilities for new additions was unlimited, as there are many incredible cities around the world to create fragrance interpretations of.

The idea was genius. But unfortunately, the execution wasn’t. There are many great ideas that fall flat and this happened to be one of them.ย  But I still appreciate the collection very much. But mostly for the vision it carried and theย  potential it had rather than for the aborted fruits of a half-baked endeavor that sit quietly in the back of my perfume wardrobe.

Individual reviews coming soon!



-New York