Clinique Moisture Surge


I buy stuff off Sephora quite a bit and love that they have a points program to receive extras and samples so I got a deluxe sample set of clinique skincare products after building up quite a few points, moisture surge being one of them.

First off, I really like Clinique for the fact that their products are hypoallergenic. Though I don’t have allergies per se, my skin can be sensitive and finicky at times. Especially during extreme weather conditions or extreme changes in climate, like going from the humid coast of Texas to the dry desert of Nevada, which I do several times a year. 

Moisture Surge is a water based gel, not a cream, and a very light one at that. It’s not heavy or sticky and it absorbs easily too. It has a very nice clean feeling texture and no fragrance at all. This is a nice moisturizer for warm humid weather. It’s light enough that it doesn’t feel suffocating and the fact that it’s a gel and not a cream means that it doesn’t oil up and sweat off like creams tend to do to me in hot weather.  After using up my sample I went online and ordered a full size jar. That’s how much I like it!

This is a medium to light moisturizer. Meaning, if you have extremely dry skin, this will  just NOT be moisturizing enough to quench your skins thirst.  This moisturizer is good for normal to oily skin, applied right out of the shower after you’ve washed away the natural oils in the skin. 

While this is perfect for my skin in the summer, it is not enough in the winter, when the air is cold and dry. I ordered my full size jar in the Summer and continued using it once it got cold but it really didn’t do much for the dry cracking feeling my skin gets after a cold front has set in and the humidity drops.

Bottom line: I love this during the humid summers, but during the cold or when my skin gets extremely dry, this just won’t cut it. It’s also nice to put in the fridge to apply to my face if I’ve got a little too much sun.

If you have consistently extreme dry skin, I do not recommend this at all, as it is a light moisturizer. For very dry skin, I recommend Kiehls.  But if you have normal to oily skin or allergies and sensitive skin, I DO recommend trying this. Bonus points to Clinique for making this very affordable too! A 2.5 oz jar runs around $50 on the high end, buying from Nordies, but can be had for less elsewhere. 


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