Peter Thomas Roth Laser Free Regenerator Gel-Cream

PTR laser free

I won a full-size jar of this along with a trove of high end beauty products and makeup in a fund raising raffle a while back. I like the PTR products I’ve tried before, so I was excited to get a large jar of this. The name was interesting to say the least.

The jar is plastic but pretty substantial. I know packaging isn’t much of a concern to many people but I not only get a first impression of a product based on how the packaging feels, weighs, and how well it functions, it sometimes determines if I will buy the product again, regardless of how good the product is. For example, and I digress I know, but Orchid Imperiale is a really good cream that I probably won’t purchase again because I can tell that the jar itself is partly why the cream is so expensive. I don’t want to throw hundreds of dollars into a pile of jars I’m just going to feel bad about throwing away or worse, watch needlessly pile up. So the packaging should be nice but not too nice, I guess is my point here lol. This PTR jar is nice but I would not feel bad about throwing it away. So that’s a total plus and a difficult balance to find I’m sure.

As for the cream itself, well, it’s completely a gel even though it reads cream gel on the label. My first impression of it as I ran my freshly washed fingers through it was of industrial lubricant. This is not a clean feeling, light weight water based gel, like Clinique Moisture Surge. No, this is heavy grease like gel. If you’ve ever used those silicon based mattifier primers for your face to take away the shine, that is what this feels like only heavier still.  It’s doesn’t smell like anything. But I just can’t really get over the greasy feeling of this cream. It hasn’t made my skin break out or anything but this isn’t something I’d want to wear under my makeup. Night use only for me.

As for its moisturizing abilities, I’d say it’s a winner. My skin doesn’t feel dry at all after I’ve applied it. But I’m also not really blown away by it either. There are a lot of good options out there after all. Or perhaps I’ve not been using it religiously enough to see its effects, which is a real possibility. But I’m afraid I will never know because this isn’t very appealing to use all the time because of the weight and awkward texture.

Bottom line: I will continue to use this until it’s gone because it IS a decent moisturizer for night time use but I will not go out and buy a jar after I finish it. While it’s good, it’s not great and I’m just not crazy about the texture. It runs about $60 for 1 oz jar so it’s not exactly cheap either. While this may be perfect for someone else, it’s definitely not for me but I’m still glad I got to try this out. ❤



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