Khol de Bahrein Stephane Humbert Lucas 777


I really like Lucky Scent for their reasonable prices on niche samples and relatively fast shipping. After reading several doting and also a few very intriguing reviews on Khol de Bahrein and Mortal Skin by Stephane Humbert Lucas, I just had to try them so I went online and ordered 1 ml samples of each.


Inspired by ancient Khol eyeliner, Khol de Bahrein is best described as a cosmetic gourmand, even though that description in itself doesn’t sound very appealing haha,“edible makeup” yikes! But it does have this cosmetic powdery feel to it, reminiscent of Iris Poudre in texture, as they both share that powdered Iris note, but this also has a very rich gourmand vanilla note like crème brulee but with a hint of chocolate while a very light incense grounds it all, giving it a richer depth that’s completely delicious! The incense is unburnt, like passing by a box of nag champa, so there is no smokiness to the perfume at all but the incense definitely plays a big part of this composition.


I immediately went back to LuckyScent and ordered a full size bottle of this and also Mortal Skin. Lucky scent gave me an option to request 5 free samples with my full size bottles purchased so I chose 5 other frags from SHL777. When I received my order they had included 2 additional SHL777 samples on top of the 5, so I basically had a discovery set for most of the houses offerings. There are only 13 right now and I have samples of 9 of them, so definitely more to come later. Back to this Khol.

I am completely in love with this perfume! Every time I wear it I feel like I’m floating in a delicious sweet cloud of powdery vanilla amazingness. It’s not such a complex fragrance as compared to others from this house like Mortal Skin,  Soleil de Jeddah, or Black Gemstone, but it is my absolute favorite right now.

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I find it very feminine though a  man could surely pull this off. The bottle is very pretty too, fairly simple rectangle flacon with gold lettering and an inlaid crystal. The gold metal cap is heavy and reminds me of the golden onion domes that adorn many mosques or St. Basils Cathedral in Russia. The bottle feels substantial even though it’s 50ml.

The juice itself is very potent and extremely long lasting. One or two spritz will project well and last all day and into the next. So even though the bottle is only 50ml, this will still last a good while though if there were a 100ml offered I would surely have purchased it. I ended up buying a backup so I have my 100ml lol.

Iris Poudre has been my most dearly favorite perfume for several years now and I even consider it my signature fragrance but this one is definitely giving the Malle a run for her money. Seriously not to brag but I have a pretty decent collection of Guerlain exclusives and several Malles so I think I have pretty high bar here haha. Seriously though, I cannot see myself not having this in my wardrobe ever again. In fact I’m very tempted to buy a backup for my backup lol. 

Not many frags have gone straight to my top 5 spot but this one knocked a few of my faves down a notch, right from the moment I first put it on. It’s gorgeous and very cozy at the same time.  I definitely think this works best in cooler weather, as it could possibly become cloying in the heat being so sweet and heavy but I think it could still be pulled off if dabbed on rather than spraying it.

If you are gourmand junkie then I’d say this could be a rather successful blind buy if you like powdery fragrances but it is a bit pricey to take the gamble if you’re unsure. When in doubt, order samples! And this one is highly recommended 🙂

Season: Fall/ Winter

Top notes: Violet, Sweet notes, Resins

Heart notes: Iris, Sandlewood, Ambergris

Base notes: Peru balsam, Musk




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5 thoughts on “Khol de Bahrein Stephane Humbert Lucas 777”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I love fragrances and perfume. I would love so much to have a collection of them and wear them every day. I did not know many of the perfumes you are sharing here. I will look at them closer.

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      1. Thanks for the tip, I did not know about that source. Looking at it right now. I am in perfumeland now, what a wonderful and redolent world. 🙂

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