Le Parfum du 68 Guerlain


I have found most, if not all, Guerlain Exclusives to be rather safe fragrances so at this point I feel pretty comfortable ordering them blind, knowing that they will be high quality and easy to wear perfumes no matter what. Parfum du 68 is no exception. I blind bought this going merely off the note pyramid and Fragrantica reviews. 

This one is a bit elusive even to many “in the know” perfumistas. There is a mystery here because it is rather difficult to get samples of unless you are in range of an official Guerlain Boutique as their little satellite kiosks in many malls only carry their very mainstream offerings like Shalimar and Samara.  Parfum du 68 is still in a niche and so is very intriguing. I couldn’t stand the mystery any longer so I bought it. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it is a beautiful fragrance nonetheless.

This starts out, in my opinion, very masculine with a fresh  herbal accord very reminiscent of, well…a classic cologne lol. The top has got an herbal citrusy feel to it but it’s still very heavy with tonka and a bit sweet so it also feels like an oriental. I’ve never tried the Cologne du 68 and have read that they are not related but I still can’t help but wonder. If I get an opportunity to try it though I will definitely take it. Once it dries down and settles, it becomes very unisex. The basic notes I can pick out is a thick spicy vanilla. There’s a bit of a smokeyness to it but it’s very light and while the note pyramid lists leather, I really don’t get any strong leather at all, maybe a very slight suede, but nothing major. 

This is a mature sophisticated fragrance, very cosmopolitan, that I think many could appreciated. But being an exclusive I can also see how it could be perceived as underwhelming for such a cost.  I don’t regret  buying it and really enjoy wearing it occasionally though I think I’d usually prefer to smell this on my husband. It’s not my most favorite Guerlain but I still love it. But I love all of my Guerlains lol. 

The juice itself is very potent, has great projection and lasts strong all day. One or two spritz is plenty. The bottle is the same as the Elixer Charnels only it doesn’t have the metal plate in the front. I unfortunately see this being discontinued at some point in the near future, at which time, it will overnight become the best perfume Guerlain ever had and how dare they discontinue it. My bottle will shoot up in value and I’ll be able to sell it on eBay for 3 times the amount I paid for it, a la Iris Ganache. Hahaha, I kid, I kid. Kinda *as I order a backup bottle* lol 😉

Season: Fall/ Winter

Notes: Immortelle, Spices, Benzoin, Leather, Incense, Tonka,




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  1. Hey! It is so nice that I got the chance to read your blog. I was dreaming on becoming a certified perfumer but in my country Malaysia, this occupation is really rare. I studied on chemical engineering in my university but I never have the chance to further my study in perfume chemistry.

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