Kevin Murphy Young Again Collection

I was introduced to this line of hair care products by my hair stylist, who is a very talented stylist here in Houston and also a good friend. She’s always “in the know” on the newest hair care products on the market and really knows her stuff.  She also has very high standards on products so when she says something is a great product, I believe her.


It also isn’t exactly cheap either and compared to the jumbo size shampoo and conditioners I usually buy, these bottles are tiny! At first glance I could picture myself finishing the bottle in a week. “Yikes!” But not so, this stuff is actually very concentrated and smells great too!

The viscosity of the shampoo and conditioner are opposite from what we are used to; the shampoo is very thick and creamy but the conditioner is much thinner and very fluid. They are both very concentrated though and a little bit really does go a long way. I have a lot of hair and was really used to filling my palms full of shampoo to wash but this only requires a quarter size. These “tiny” bottles lasted over 2 months and I wash my hair at least 5 days a week. 

I have naturally dirty blonde hair and I get heavy highlights to lighten my hair a bit. I always blow dry and very often straighten too. Needless to say but I put my hair through hell so I must have a really good conditioner and some type of oil protection against heat styling and I must say, Young Again is the best oil I’ve ever used and I’ve used them all; Chi, Biosilk, Lanza, Agadir Argan Oil, to name a few. This is the best hands down. 

This entire line has blown me away. I just bought my second round after getting my trim and highlights done yesterday. Only this time I also bought the masque so I’ll have to come back and add my feedback on how well it works, but judging from the rest of the line I’m pretty confident it’s going to be great. 

Bottom line: this stuff really works. My hair has never looked or felt better! Styling is faster and easier. This is hands down, the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used. Very highly recommended!




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