Midnight Oud Juliette Had a Gun

I was introduced to this fragrance (and really the whole house) by a good perfumista friend and I loved it at first sniff! She gave me a small decant from her bottle and I ended up ordering a full bottle several weeks later. 

This is a basic rose/ oud combo, though a bit powdery as most JHaG tend to be, but it’s a great ‘beginners’ oud for those new to the note.  Oud can be tricky for westerners in the beginning, especially for younger generations that are coming off a sugar high from all the  mass marketed gourmands everywhere. But in the way of oud, this one is relatively easy to wear and not as expensive as many of them tend to be.

I went on an oud kick for a while and ended up buying full bottles of several rose ouds including Rose Nacree du Desert, Rose Anonyme Extrait, Rose d’ Arabie and Portrait of a Lady along with a trove of samples of others. After really getting to know the accord I found Midnight Oud to smell almost identical to Rose Anonyme extrait, and Rose Nacree, only Midnight Oud smelled much more synthetic compared to the others and I basically had 3 bottles of the same perfume. 

I decided to give the bottle away. I believe in random acts of kindness and spend a bit of time goofing off in the Fragrantica forums, so I found a very nice lady that had Midnight Oud listed on her want list so I contacted her and mailed it to her a few days later. She was thrilled and also a little confused haha. But she was very appreciative and I notice it had moved to her favorites list a few days after she received the bottle and I couldn’t be more happy that she is enjoying it. ❤

Season: Winter/ Fall

Top: Saffron, Papyrus, Bergamot, Demask Rose

Heart: Moroccan Rose, Geranium, Castoreum, Oud

Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk



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