Midnight Oud Juliette Had a Gun

I was introduced to this fragrance (and really the whole house) by a good perfumista friend and I loved it at first sniff! She gave me a small decant from her bottle and I ended up ordering a full bottle several weeks later.Β 

This is a basic rose/ oud combo, though a bit powdery as most JHaG tend to be, but it’s a great ‘beginners’ oud for those new to the note. Β Oud can be tricky for westerners in the beginning, especially for younger generations that are coming off a sugar high from all the Β mass marketed gourmands everywhere.Β But in the way of oud, this one is relatively easy to wear and not as expensive as many of them tend to be.

I went on an oud kick for a while and ended up buying full bottles of several rose ouds including Rose Nacree du Desert, Rose Anonyme Extrait, Rose d’ Arabie and Portrait of a Lady along with a trove of samples of others. After really getting to know the accord I found Midnight Oud to smell almost identical to Rose Anonyme extrait, and Rose Nacree, only Midnight Oud smelled much more synthetic compared to the others and I basically had 3 bottles of the same perfume.Β 

I decided to give the bottle away. I believe in random acts of kindness and spend a bit of time goofing off in the Fragrantica forums, so I found a very nice lady that had Midnight Oud listed on her want list so I contacted her and mailed it to her a few days later. She was thrilled and also a little confused haha. But she was very appreciative and I notice it had moved to her favorites list a few days after she received the bottle and I couldn’t be more happy that she is enjoying it. ❀

Season: Winter/ Fall

Top: Saffron, Papyrus, Bergamot, Demask Rose

Heart: Moroccan Rose, Geranium, Castoreum, Oud

Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk



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