Perfume Storage and Display Tips

If you are a casual wearer of perfumes and not a collector, chances are that you buy a bottle or two and wear them until they are empty, toss the bottles and repeat, or something along those lines. You see fragrances as just another part of your toiletries and the final step in getting dressed. You probably have little concern about preserving your fragrances because you use them up within a few years. But for the fragrance collector this is a HUGE concern.

Nothing pops the perfumistas balloon quite like finding out a perfume has “turned”. So it’s very important how the collection is stored to prevent spoilage.

Romantically, every perfumista would like a gorgeous boudoir display on their dressing table or armoir. You know that classic image:

But any seasoned perfumista will tell you that while it’s lovely to have such a display, it’s not realistic if you want your frags to last.

Perfumes number one worst enemy is light, especially natural light. It really breaks down the molecules and essential oils in perfumes. Think of how the sun bleaches highlights into hair or fades anything in print, like old soda cans or rubbish lying on the ground. Same concept.

If you’ve ever seen or bought essential oils before, I’m sure you noticed the bottle was either dark brown or dark blue. That’s because those dark bottles help filter out the light. No reputable distributer of 100% natural essential oils will ever package them in clear containers. If the bottles are clear then perhaps the oils are fragrance oils and not real EOs.

Enemy number two is heat or worse, exposure to extreme variations in temperature. A combo of both light and heat is a serious recipe for disaster for your fragrances. The worst place you can store perfumes is a bathroom window, where it’s exposed to not only light but also the constant variations of temperatures from hot showers and humidity.

The most ideal place for storage then, would be a cool dark place, like a cabinet or a closet that’s away from windows and heat sources. It’s not a bad idea either to store the bottles in their original boxes but that’s not usually practical and makes it more difficult to use them.

I store my collection in the back of my little walk-in closet in my bedroom. My husband calls it my alter and perfume shrine lol. I have a small bookshelf against the back wall of the closet, so for me it’s a win-win; I still get a pretty display but it’s away from any constant light, save for when the switch is on and it’s not exposed to any natural night nor any real variations of temperature.

2017-03-15 12.57.07.jpg

A perfumes shelf-life also depends on what’s actually in the juice. Citrus oils and rose absolutes, for example, are nortorious for deterioriating faster than most other perfume ingredients. Chypres tend to age very well as do resinous orientals. 

You can do everything right and still the perfumes will deteroriate over time. So it’s a good idea to have realistic expectations for your fragrances but stored properly, they can still last many years, which is why there is a huge market for vintage perfumes. But that is another story for another day. ❤

~Store away from light sources
~Store away from heat sources
~Try to store with minimal fluctuations      in temperature
~Try to store in original box
~If you rotate your frags, put the unused   frags in their boxes in a cool dark place     when not in the rotation
~Know what’s in the perfume; don’t           expect natural rose or citrus based frags   to last more than 5 to 10 years even          when stored properly. At least check  them or use them more frequently.
~If you buy vintage, expect the top notes  to be off. But that doesn’t mean the    heart and base won’t still be gorgeous.
~Always use common sense and when      you’re not sure, Google it! 😉


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23 thoughts on “Perfume Storage and Display Tips”

    1. Have you tried Shalimar? It’s the reigning Queen of vanilla since the roaring 20s. It’s got a leathery vibe in the base so if that’s too “dirty” for your taste perhaps try Dame Mexican Vanilla. It’s a less sweet vanilla with a bit of spice.I LOVE Dame! He’s an American perfumer out of Arizona with awesome products. Another great vanilla I love for a great price too is Memoirs Liquids Encens Liquids. Also American made company out of California. They are discon. the line but there are still lots of bottles on eBay for around $40. I plan on getting a backup of it because it’s a gorgeous vanilla bomb supported by unburnt incense. Like a stick of nag champa fell into a bowl of vanilla extract. Thats Encens Liquides! 🙂 Best wishes on your hunt for a new vanilla frag!! ❤

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      1. That’s awesome! If you test the Shalimar let it settle before you make up your mind. The initial top notes tend to be harsh but once it dries into the heart notes it really starts to shine. The other 2 will probably not be at Ulta as they are indie perfume houses. At Ulta try Dior Hypnotic Poison or Mon Guerlain. It might be worth it to take a trip to a local mall to sniff out the Mon Guerlain. It’s a new release but main notes are vanilla and lavender.

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    1. Some perfumistas I know DO keep their frags on their boudoirs year ’round BUT they rotate them seasonally. It really keeps them fresher for sure. Sounds like you’ve got a collection going yourself Sabrina. What’s your favorite perfume? 🙂

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      1. Ah what a wonderful classy choice! Very classy 50s chic. I’m starting to get on a vintage kick and can’t seem to get enough here lately. My favorites really change with the seasons but my staples I seem to always go back to time and again are Iris Poudre, Chanel No 5, and J’adore. Pretty easy florals lol. ❤

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