Les Voyages Olifactifs Moscow Guerlain


I put off reviewing this frag # 1, because it’s discontinued now so really, who cares and # 2, because for me, this was “the one”. This post is more than just a review. This is about a legendary unicorn. And it’s kinda painful to talk about lol😢

Moscow was my second fragrance from Guerlain after Floral Romantique. I discovered it at the end of 2013, just a few months before it was discontinued but luckily I received fair warning.

Like most Guerlain exclusives, there wasn’t an over abundance of inventory to stockpile; once the last bottle was sold that was it. They just didn’t restock it. I  became friends with the SA in the Palazzo boutique and got early warning that this line was history so I bought a backup because I really loved it!

This is a vanilla and tonka lovers heavenly dream! I love it 10 times more than Tonka Imperiale and Spirituese Double Vanille and I really love the whole L’ Art et Materie collection dearly.

The main notes are tonka, red currant, and vanilla. And though these notes would typically spell “pink candy sugarbomb”, that’s definitely not the case here. It does not read as a pink fragrance at all. Though it IS a sweetened vanilla versus a spicey dry vanilla, this is still one of the sexiest and most sophisticated, unisex vanilla frags I’ve encountered.

I finished my first bottle all too quickly, within 6 months and bottles typically last me years! I opened my second bottle with great reserve in 2015 but stumbled onto a full bottle on ebay a few months ago that I snatched right up. So now I can not only use my opened bottle a bit more liberally, I’ve listed a few decants on my eBay for those dying to try it and even have a regular buyer who remorsefully didn’t get a bottle before they were all gone.

Moscow has been elevated to legend status to those perfumistas in the know, perhaps not nearly as much as Iris Ganache or Guet Apens aka Attrape Coeur aka Evasion, etc., but it’s still in that league. And it really only made matters worse when Guerlain re-released it at an even more exclusive price in the Bolshi collection as Prima Ballerina at around $500 a bottle in a very limited release. But Guerlain IS nortorious for doing that with their perfumes, a sort of cat and mouse marketing game, but it actually totally works 😔.


When the time comes that I have to open my 3rd and final bottle I’m afraid Moscow will become my Christmas Day perfume and will limit myself to sniffing the cap in between 😂 because I will not allow myself to finish the bottle. 😭
In the grand scheme of things it’s absolutely ridiculous because it’s just a perfume, I totally get it. But I am a fragrance obsessed perfumista and it’s still better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.❤

Season: Winter/Fall

Top: Wormwood, Pine needles, Red currant, Bergamot, Lemon

Heart: Jasmine

Base: Tonka beans, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk


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