Spring Flower Creed


This fruity floral perfume was created for Audrey Hepburn in the mid 80s and was her signature scent until her death in 1993. Creed did not release it to the public until 1996, a few years after she passed away.  Audrey’s earlier signature perfume, L’interdit By Givenchy, was also created for her personally in 1957. It’s said that she did not want it to be released to the public, but was eventually released some years later in the 60s.


Spring Flower reads as if it were a grand centerpiece of fresh cut spring flowers adorning a table of fruit. It IS very floral but somewhat difficult to pick out the flowers from beneath all of the fruits. This gives the impression of a more abstract floral fragrance rather than discernable flowers. I can tell they are flowers but I really can’t tell what kind of flowers without referencing the note pyramid


On my skin it wears as a fairly generic fruity floral perfume. Nothing very different from any other fruity floral on the market and no real wow factor. It is not a challenging fragrance but, like Hepburn herself, very classically elegant and timeless.


The sillage, projection, and longevity are all moderate with a very white musky feel in the base and not too heavy with ambergris. Overall, I think it’s a very pretty fragrance but I wasn’t really blown away by it nor compelled to run out and buy a full bottle. It is, however, a very safe and non offensive fragrance that would be a fantastic gift to any big Audrey Hepburn fan.



Season: Spring/ Summer

Top: Melon, Apple, Peach

Heart: Jasmine, Rose

Base: White musk, Ambergris

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