FCUK Friction for Her French Connection


Friction for Her was a blind buy a while back when I was looking for a good summer coconut based fragrance. I was looking for something that smelled like a day at the beach with tanning oil and pina coladas. This one had a lot of good reviews plus being a cheapie, I figured I had nothing to lose. I think I paid around $20 for it on eBay.

2017-03-27 15.15.41
While this IS a very coconut-y fragrance and great for Summer, it’s not the beachy coconut I was looking for at all. This is a highly sweetened vanilla coconut cream pie of a perfume rather than a boozy beach frag. I was initially very disappointed to say the least.

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Coconut is one of those notes in perfumery that is difficult to make into a “grown up” fragrance. It’s a playful and youthful note that doesn’t usually go much farther than a Bath & Body Works  or Victoria Secret body spray. Beyond that it’s a supporting heart note in a designer frag. And in the world of haute couture and niche fragrances, there are only a few noses that have even attempted to pull one off, like VIW, Coccobello, and Chantecaille Tiare. Though most niche houses DO have a coconut frag, they are usually going for a completely different take on the note, away from the Hawaiin Tropic vibe, like Terracotta and Philosykos. Friction definitely falls into that BBW & VS area of coconut frags.

Collage 2017-03-27 15_04_18

While I was initially disappointed in this perfume, it wasn’t really the perfumes fault. It just wasn’t what I was looking for. It’s not a terrible perfume, but it’s also not that great either. It feels very synthetic and juvenile to me, even though French Connection is not a juvenile clothing brand. I feel like they could have done a lot better. And while I love the art deco inspired flacon (bottle), which I find well designed and very attractive despite the top half being plastic, it doesn’t feel appropriate for the juice at all. 

While the projection and longevity are better than I imagined and pretty good for a cheapie, this isn’t something I’ll ever really wear so I’ve made it my car spray. It is VERY similar in fragrance to those coconut scented pine tree shaped air freshners for cars so this is perfect for that lol. I know some perfumistas LOVE this fragrance though, so while it may not be my cuppa tea, if you love coconut frags, this is definitely one to check out. ❤

Season: Spring/Summer

Notes: Honeysuckle, Apple blossom, Red berries, Spun sugar, Coconut, Jasmin, Vanilla, Vetiver, Woodsy notes, Amber, Sandlewood, Musk


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