Hiris Hermes


Iris in perfumery is a classic fragrance note known for being cold, powdery, and slightly metallic. It is often described as mature, austere, and aloof. While many perfumistas such as myself, adore iris, some find it pretentious and sort of “the snob” of perfume notes.


Hermes Hiris is really the epitome of an iris fragrance as it is a bit of all of the above. Yup, a little snobby too lol. This is a genius take on iris though.

Iris dominate fragrances tend to emphasize either the metallic edge of the iris, such as Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens or Atelier Cologne’s Silver Iris. Or they emphasize the powdery quality of the iris, such as Iris Poudre or the heart of Vol de Nuit.

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Olivia Giacobetti, the nose behind this fragrance, brilliantly captured both of those qualities in Hiris. While the top notes open with a sweet metallic edge, the heart settles into a soft powdery fragrance that is very prim and proper with an old-fashioned bathpowder vibe,  but still very modern and comfortable.

Hiris needs time to settle before it begins to really bloom. While the opening really captures that metallic texture, it is a bit shrill and in your face. But once the top settles, the most beautiful iris develops and lasts hours. The heart is very round and lightly creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness.


This is a very classic and timeless perfume. It  has this vintage feel to it but it’s still a very modern fragrance. I see it as sort of a baseline or standard rather, for judging iris perfumes. Hiris has so perfectly balanced the metallic and powdery facets of the the flower that experiencing this perfume sets the bar for really understanding a good iris perfume. I get about 6 hours with moderate to light projection. Definitely full bottle worthy.❤

Season: All Seasons

Top: Coriander, Carnation, Iris, Amber

Heart: Iris, Neroli, Rose

Base: Honey, Vanilla, Cedar, Almond Tree

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