My name is Lori and this is my personal perfume journey. A diary if you will, with reviews, pictures, and opinions sharing my experiences with various fragrances and musings about things I’ve read, encountered, or other random perfume related thoughts.

A good perfume smells nice. A GREAT perfume takes you on a journey, sometimes down memory lane. Collecting perfumes becomes an adventure in self discovery and a quest to find that perfect complimentary fragrance, the ultimate ‘unicorn’. It can also become VERY addicting!

Although there’s so much I have yet to learn, I enjoy reading about the notes, processes, and noses behind the industry.  Besides just perfumes, I also collect essential oils, tinctures, absolutes, herbs, and dried plants and flowers in order to train my nose to recognize notes. I occassionally mix them together to see what I get . I’m fascinated by the history behind this ancient art form and science that dates back thousands of years!

My collection is highly varied. Although I admit I have a growing affinity towards niche and have a great respect for the artistry involved, I maintain an open mind and am willing to give just about any respectable perfume a try. My favorite houses are Guerlain, Frederic Malle, and Dame.

There are literally thousands of fragrances and hundreds of houses (and growing) out there to be discovered. I claim no expertise, quite the contrary. I know I have a lot to learn, but hey, gotta start somewhere right?  My approach is “eating an elephant”: one bite at a time.  🙂


I am in no way affiliated with or endorsing any brands.  I own no shares of anything in the fragrance industry.  I am just a perfume lover, a collector of sorts, spouting off for my own record, and sharing my passion with any poor soul that may happen to stumble upon it haha. 

 I am on Fragrantica.com quite a bit, so most of my perfume bottle pictures come from their website as do the note pyramids. I also use BaseNotes but not very much. I’m not crazy about their wardrobe and review platforms but their discussion forums are solid. See my wardrobe here


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