I started my blog for two reasons. First as an outlet for my own record of the perfumes I’ve tested, worn, loved, or even hated and second, to keep things simple. So many fragrance blogs I read are so long winded and drawn out, painting pictures of unrelatable scenes that they disconnect me from the perfume and lose me as a reader. So I wanted to keep things simple, consistent, and as generally relatable as possible which IS a task considering the abstract nature of fragrances and their subjective associations. 

A good perfume smells nice. A GREAT perfume takes you on a journey, sometimes down memory lane. Collecting perfumes becomes an adventure in self discovery and a quest to find that perfect signature fragrance, the ultimate ‘unicorn’. It can also become very addicting, known to those in the frag comm as “the rabbit hole”. 

Although there’s so much I have yet to learn, I enjoy reading about the notes, processes, and noses behind the industry.  Besides just perfumes, I also collect essential oils, tinctures, absolutes, herbs, and dried plants and flowers in order to train my nose to recognize notes. I occasionally mix them together to see what I get . I’m fascinated by the history behind this ancient art form and science that dates back thousands of years!

My collection is somewhat varied, fragrance family wise. Although I tend to gravitate towards Orientals, Gourmands, and a newly discovered love of chypres, I maintain an open mind and am willing to give just about any respectable perfume a try. And I LOVE trying new and unique fragrances. My favorite houses are Guerlain, Frederic Malle, and Chanel. 

There are literally thousands of fragrances and hundreds of houses (and growing) out there to be discovered.  My approach is like “eating an elephant”: one bite at a time.  🙂


I am in no way affiliated with or endorsing any brands.  I own no shares of anything in the fragrance industry.  I am just a perfume enthusiast, a collector of sorts, spouting off for my own record, and sharing my passion with any poor soul that may happen to stumble upon it haha. 


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